The Sinkhole (You'll Never Get it Up the Steps)

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(In the bedroom)



If you haven't been here before you should probably read the rules before you do anything else. This is not all that much like other games on this site no matter how it may look at first glance.


You are standing in a bedroom, looking out the window. You appear to be on the second floor.

The yard below you has scrubby grass growing in it, save for a bare patch almost directly below the window. There are trees surrounding the yard. No other houses are visible.

The window is closed, locked, and there are bars over it.

Inside the room, there's a single bed.

There's a door into another room, and a closet.

You seem to hear music playing, faint and far away. When you try to listen to it, you can't hear it; when you try to ignore it, then you hear it. You're not sure, but you think it's the Scarecrow's song from The Wizard of Oz.

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