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Note that this is NOT a parody of Michael Jackson's "You are Not Alone"

Another day has gone, I'm still all alone

Distorting the truth, "Obama's a terrorist"

Quite perplexed, someone tell me why

Andy didn't yet block me for moronic vandalism


Evey day, I sit and ask myself, why do I edit here

Giving reality a right-wing bias

Oh, just trying not to get banned, don't want that

My whole life would be ruined, this is all I do

CHORUS 2: Oh, this Conservapedia, much better than Wiki

The best site ever, not banned yet

Oh, what to write (Oh, I must write)

Just the other night, I wrote an article on Kanye West

I said he was a patriot

For interrupting that far-left commie

Just reporting the facts here



Oh, I'll report ya

If you say three liberal words (or less)

Ya just gotta know, I hate leftist vandals