IllogiMusic:My Serenade

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Oh, you....

The one everyone thinks I love

But, I really don't know why they doooo

You smell like rotten tuna fish

And you act like a dogggggggg

Oh, and your face looks like a pile of crappppp

CHORUS: (So, this is my serenade

This is what I think about you

I hate you more

Than Hitlahhhhhhhh)

So, youuu

An ugly pineapple you areeeee

You're a disgusting girl

And you make me wanna hurlllllll


I'd rather get hit in the head with a metal bat

I'd rather jump naked on this glass bed

I'd rather go to the moon and asplode without a suit

I'd rather burn myself alive

I'd rather get disemboweled

I'd rather do anything else

Than spend time with yooooooo

Oh, yeah, I hate youuuuuu