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Lady Ga Ga in her latest incarnation, a prop insult comic. "I am about to demonstrate the exact coordinates of my mons pubis."

FAILED POP HEIRESS AND GREASY SPOON Lady Ga Ga added Da Da to her pretention bin, in awe that something came before her that was strange.

"Until I met André Breton, I hadn't realized how blasé my act was. Apparently, people have been dressing and behaving in odd fashions for at least 80 years," the aging twat told IllogiNews.

The notoriously leaky diesel engine proposed to do a charity blitzkrieg this weekend in Lenox, Massachusetts to commemorate the Ground Zero Mosque burning.

Southern fried Pastor Terry Jones weighed in on the issue by threatening to burn Koreans. "We know them Muslims read people like books. The Stegosauri shall be avenged!"

Cold air on the back of my neck remind me to wrap this up while the fish are still dead. Next week, we're going to Tierra Del Fuego!