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Illogicomedia sticker logo.png

Illogicopolis, Unit States (INN) — The Illogicomedia Foundation unveiled their new corporate branding today. The logo, developed by the Leet & Howe Agency of Toronto, Canada, was produced for a mere 1.3 million parsnips.

"While I quite liked the green banana logo, I really felt that blatantly stealing a logo that had already been previously ripped off from Illogicopedia by their fledgling newspaper was the wrong message to send our stakeholders," said Mr. Bard, Foundation BDFL, "This highly polished, non-derivative masterpiece is what I envisioned when I first planned this coup... er, pledged my support to this organization. It still has the bold yellow, evocative of our flagship nonsensopedia, but the fruity hat of the beckoning trollop is filled with the various fruits and vegetables that represent our entire family of pedias."

The meeting minutes and resolution to adopt the new logo will be available for public viewing as soon as they can be reverse-engineered and posted after the fact.