IllogiNews:Jonald Truden dematerializes and instead replaced with variant by the name of John E. John E. Affirmative papa jr.

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Jonald Truden was originally conceived of anomalous means such as

  • the color green
  • feeling like 'them'
  • hurting due to fall

But utilizing similar precautions beforehand resulted in a very uninteresting motive, like breaking pikachu vase. If one modok could make one massive ape, then world would be green and blue. But it already is. So John E. John E. Affirmative papa jr. subsequently appeared. John E. John E. Affirmative papa jr. has stated that his goals are to bring peaces and stablity to the man race.

downfall[edit | edit source]

these girls have proven unaffective at neutralization of the looming threat that is computer. Computer can

  • commit commtions
  • uncommit commited commitions
  • also, keystrokes.

Commits can often destroy John E. John E. Affirmative papa jr. when doing hate crime. But due to hate crime, it is like this.






you re momma is big and strong (yuH)

but she doesn't proper;y fasten your seatbelt (huh?)

the proper creation of grapes is necessary (necessary)

to bring peace to John E. John E. Affirmative papa jr. (Yeah!)

It has been observed that the effects of afermentioned mentioned "grapes" can commit arson on a daily basis. This is harmful if you care. (you don't) I do maybe

masks can be colored sometimes if you color them

water to allergies like a belt (nugh)

corn is a disintegration device (bruh)

qwertyuiop (yuiop)

getting bored of the geyser from plutoes

headin' offa cliff in Memphis Tennessee

up down up down

EEEEE ooooooo EEEEEEEE oooooo