IllogiNews:Jonald Truden materializes and becomes a reality bender, US capitol Washington DC becomes hot spot for anomalies

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On [DATA EXPUNGED] Jonald Truden materialized and [DATA EXPUNGED] in order to summon many other anomalies like [DATA EXPUNGED] to overthrow the US Government and [DATA EXPUNGED] the world. This anomaly has since [DATA EXPUNGED] and has released info on [DATA EXPUNGED], a social media app. The plans of Jonald Truden include [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED], possibly causing an end-of-the-world class scenario.

Using an unknown form of power, Kanye West arrived at Jonald Truden's location for a duel. Jonald Truden gladly accepted whilst drinking a latte from starbucks, eating a Hershey's chocolate bar, playing "Fortnite" with his brain, sitting on a gaming chair, without breaking a single sweat. Kanye west laughed shortly after realizing this, then commenting "bro you play fortnite? crimnge" a second before releasing a energy beam far hotter than the combined heat of all of the stars in the universe onto Jonald Truden. However, Jonald Truden put down all of the objects he had and then walked towards Kanye west at normal walking speed while he was being shot with the beam. He then said "don't talk to me like that" before creating an EMP that knocked out power for all of humanity for 4 recorded seconds.