IllogiNews:Second Spiderman sighting, this one from sentient camel universe

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Yup, definitely a Spiderman. [Check.gifCertified Accurate!]

AMMAN, Saudi Arabia -- The second spontaneous appearance of a Spiderman occured in this sunny suburb of Dachau, this time from an alternate universe where camels are sentient and dogs run the legal system. Again, nobody noticed.

There is little evidence of his manifestation, aside from a low-resolution photograph and four ounces of radioactive camel poop. "In SCU (sentient camel universe), Dr. David Banner was bitten by a radioactive deer tick  [Check.gifCertified Accurate!] during joint Korean-Mexican military maneuvers near San Capistrano," Spiderman scholar Lee Trevino told IllogiNews, by way of notes on cocktail napkins. "The resultant mutation of an ordinary camel on the street into the Hulk was rejected by AC Comics in an effort to be both politically correct and rococo."

Police and military units were told to stand down. Well, more accurately, they were told nothing at all, so they did nothing. What I mean to say is, they did not stand up. As a result, they took no notice.