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BOINC is a program which let's you run scientific processes on your spare computer time (it can also run always at your option.) If you know what SETI@home is, you already have somewhat of an idea what BOINC is. It's really fucking easy to use. You just have to download this small software (both Windows and Linux versions are available) hook up to a project and start crunching. It'll download workunits which will take from a few hours to a few days to process and when it's finished the results are uploaded back earning you credit points.

After that you may go screw yourself. Or better yet join Team Illogicopedia at these places (you have to join the project first):

Update, I now have a BOINC wide team[edit]


That SilentArceus character who created those teams is yours truly, you-know-whom.

Boinc logo.gif


Yes, that is what will happen if you dont join Team Illogicopedia, or worse if you dont crunch BOINC at all. Thou hast been warned of teh power of Hellfire!