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Eh. Everything In Its Right Place to do with Radiohead that you can actually buy.

Albums[edit | edit source]

NO, WE WILL NOT SELL THEIR GOD-FORSAKEN FIRST ALBUM!!! For Valjuta, multiply by 14, then divide by 10. More or less.

For beloved songs from the mid-90s and arena rockers. $50
For people looking for the greatest British rock album since Dark Side of the Moon and for prog-rockers. $50
For ambient, electronic euphoria and art-rockers. $35
For a darker, more jazz-influenced alternative sound and also for art rockers. $60
For a very dark, messy, thrashy, and politically-influenced assault of alternative fury. Specifically for alt-rockers. $40
For an extremely beautiful and colourful album that epitomises Radiohead's musical creativity and talent. Best for art-rockers, but enjoyable by anybody. $25
For a more world-music influenced sound with two distinct stages of sound (a fast, vibrant, and energetic first half and a slow, sensual, and soulful second half) and a very liberally artistic sound. For both art-rockers an liberal artists. $30