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More detailed info on voting and nomming regulations for Featured Images.

How to nominate[edit]

Add a new level 2 heading with the image's title and paste the following code:

 {{vfi|image name.jpg|350|Image title|caption|User}} 

Where "350" is the image width in pixels and can be adjusted according the the image. If the pic you are nominating does not have a caption make one up or just put a basic one and mention that it requires a better comment.

Another example for ye

{{vfi|cheese.jpg|350|A piece of cheese|This is a piece of cheese|Nerd42}}

Finally, add Nom and for and your sig. Comment optional. For examplitude:

  • Nom and for. This is the best picture on the site. -- User:Randomdude 12:01, 14 Aym 2008 (UTC)

What to nominate[edit]

Good places to start are Category:Self-published GNU images and Category:Copyedited images.

Criteria for nomination[edit]

In order for an image to be nominated it must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Be an original composition created and uploaded by a user of the site.
    For example: a Microsoft Paint picture you drew yourself or a Photoshopped/GIMPed composition you created from public domain photographs.
  2. Be of reasonable nonsensical quality. This is, however, largely up to the community to decide.
  3. Include a banana in some way or form.

News just in: the Organisation For Third Bullet Points has reviewed this page and made the third point redundant.

Meh, just try and make sure the pic is original and we'll take it from there, OK?

Self noms[edit]

There are no restrictions regarding self nominations (that is, nominating your own images) at this stage but if things get out of hand, Bcbkye will be called upon. And nobody wants that, do they?