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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

That's right, some code-literate people have hacked the system[1] to allow you, the user, to change what certain stuff looks like. Haha, take that, Wikia!

Image hacks[edit]

For thumbnails, it is possible to get rid of the stupid opaque background that is set to default.

<div class="nonwhite">[[Image:File.ext|thumb|Description]]</div>

Left is the regular formatting, whilst right is the same code with the above tag added:

Illogic logo
Illogic logo

This is particularly useful for use on the front page templates (Vandalpedia, feature etc.) or any area with a coloured background.

Centre attribute[edit]

Also note that you can now add a center attribute to thumbnailed images. This ain't a hack but a new feature on Mediawiki:

[[Image:Example.jpg|thumb|center|This is pretty cool.]]

The above code gives:

This is pretty cool.


  1. Well, actually most of it was nicked from Uncyclo or Wikipedia. Don't tell anyone, though...