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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

“This is Illogicopedia. The jokes are accidental.”

~ Uncle Pete on Illogicopedia

When contributing to Illogicopedia, you are encouraged to write before you think. This is in sharp contrast to the rule that generally holds for most of life, which is, "think before you write." Illogicopedia is meant to be like a five minute vacation from this ordinary rule, a sort of literary Almond Joy for your brain. We encourage people to simply jot down whatever images or thoughts come to mind in no particular order. This produces bad literature as an art form in itself by simply reversing many of the rules of good literature for great justice.

Using Illogicopedia in this way can often produce the useful side-effect of overcoming "writer's block" for other serious projects a writer may be working on, in addition to entertaining other people. Simply start a new article, and start pressing keys. Write the words down before you examine or check them for conformity to any conception of good writing. Write the first word that comes to mind, without context. If no word comes to mind, press a random letter key and then fill in a word that starts with that letter or make up a terrible new word. Then do the same thing for the second word and third word and fourth word, until you have a complete piece of writing that makes no sense. Then post it on Illogicopedia for fun and ... well for fun.

Illogicopedia's inclusive content policy makes it unique. Other examples of non-serious prose typically depend on such artificial contrivances as "jokes" which entertain by exhibiting incongruity couched in clever observations hidden by linguistic subterfuge until the incongruity is suddenly revealed in a surprise, ironic "punch line." Illogicopedia does not generally depend on "jokes" or "punch lines" but simply cuts out the middle-man, directly writing down the incongruity without the need for such devices. Illogicopedia tends to depend more on random humor, deadpan humor and people pretending to be inebriated or under the influence of hallucinogens (or, in some cases, not pretending) for comic effect. Any jokes which occur on Illogicopedia are purely accidental or coincidental. This sentence is not true.