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 Warning, this article gives you paranoia.  
No, they're all out to get me!

This page is scratch n' sniff. It also infects your brain with a virus! A computer one too!

Anyway, onto the actual page.[edit | edit source]

This page is made up of announcements made by the special inhabitants of Illogicopedia: the ones rich enough to obtain a computer... We apologise to anyone who doesn't have a computer.

BREAKING NEWS[edit | edit source]

Kentish grave dancers massacred for hair!

All work and no play make Jalfrezi a gallon of mop juice

By reading this sentence you have been signed up to fight the ebil Capitalist regime by squirting angst out of your ears and converting it to mp3!

Eating Kimjongilia flowers has been proven to cause you to grow suction cups and use them to suffocate South Koreans

It's 1753 and all's well in Seigheilton, at least no-one knows better...


You feel a light breeze

You take in the scenery

You breathe in the air

The beauty of love

The sanity of flowers

Fuck your dead dad

[Insert an announcement here, fucker!]

We apologise to any fuckers.

Actually, we lied, we fucking hate fuckers.

THIS JUST IN![edit | edit source]

Giant space monsters eat cheese over a period of seventeen microseconds whilst wallpapering speakers to death row.

Thank you, that is all.