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The Illogicopedia Transit Authority operates all transportation links within Illogicopedia and its surrounding multilingual communities. Transportation is done via train, bus, minibus, ferry, elephant, or Periodic table.

There exist at least 10,000 stations (as of today, 11,507). It was founded as a competitor to the infamous Wikipedia Transit Authority, which is always late, and the reason why many grow to hate their days on the serious wiki.

Transportation methods[edit]

Unlike the Greek-influenced nomenclature of the WTA, Illogicopedia's system is named after alphabetical conspiracy theories:

Division Aliens[edit]

Division Aliens was the first to be built. It wraps around the main policy pages of Illogicopedia, such as the main page (complete with fountain), forum pages, recent changes, commandments, and such else.

Division Bluefish[edit]

Division Bluefish connects from Division Aliens to the older pages on the wiki, such as the in-joke pages. This division is served primarily by buses, however none of them go to Orpington.

Division Controller[edit]

Division Controller goes alongside the river and the sea to the Forest of Stub and WIP, where all the tiny, bad articles sit. In this case, it is served by ferry.

Division Helicopters[edit]

Division Helicopters is the newest, and provides a high-speed train link to Uncyclopedia. Despite this link being smashed at various places, it still seems to do the job.


Not necessary, unless they're asking you for it. If they do, you can usually get by with some fish head curry.