In the gutter

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No, not that kind of posture.

“And a lot of times, what happens with eye contact is-now for girls it's a little different because eye contact; I understand that sometimes they don't like to make eye contact because they're just like "I don't want this guy talking to me."; and it's not that they hate you or whatever but they just don't know you or whatever, so, you know, women will practice an avoidance . . . uh . . . thing a lot more than men do. But men are starting to do it. Like, that to me is completely new. Like, when I was growing up, I mean, teenagers, I mean even up to the age of uh almost thirty-like, the idea of guys like walking around like this-I mean, I'm like, "are you kidding me?"”

~ notregme

In the gutter is where the eyes of the scout are on.

Scouts are ordered to run to a certain hoarding where an umpire is already posted to time them. They are each allowed to look at this for one minute, and then to run back to headquarters and report to the instructor all that was on the hoarding in the way of advertisements.

This may also be practised at night.


Per WP:CENSOR, the gutter has survived. Morally straight, but undefined. The null gazinda. Appearance is all that matters.