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Innovation is the key to success. When one innovates, one is led to discover, create, build, construct, become frustrated with, destroy, and start all over. This is the key to innovation. Innovation should not be confused with making money, which is not related.

Research and Development[edit]

This is where the money designated to go to innovation goes. It is often inhabited by the most "creative" and "insightful" individuals in the company. Generally, the persons in this department go about attempting to find a way to apply their creativity by any means necessary, such as finger-painting and juggling.

Natural list enhancement[edit]

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Actual innovation[edit]

Innovation is often a chance occurrence that has little to do with actual talent or skill. Such things happen by accident and cannot be attempted on one's own. The discovery of penicillin is a prime example. The Scientists involved were merely playing chicken with the kitchen sink, throwing whatever they found (including petri dishes full of bacteria) into the pile, when they discovered their orange mold killed their bacteria. This was innovative, and had nothing to do with the scientists' Ph.D's at all.


In conclusion, why are you reading an article on innovation? If any schmuck on the internet could tell you how to innovate, innovation would be common. As a result, everyone would be able to innovate, things would get invented all the time, and we'd have progress. As this is obviously not the case, your effort is futile and you should thus go kill yourself. Kudos if you find a new and innovative way to do so.