It is late and I am tired

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I wrote this article at a time when I was in need of sleep. Therefore, what came out of me was unintentional randomness, and so it ended up on Illogicopedia.

I hereby write random words. I don't know what words I'm writing and it;s 9:39 PM. i should probly get the hot blog dog machine to come out and bazin, and you know? Hi. I'm Lather. Who are you.

Oh. I'm Mister Bob. Care for a telephone with no ^circumflexes on top?

Nah, I like the circumflexes. EAT THE CIRCUMFLEXES!

Well that's alraht. Whut's you, anyway.?

Me is a tree that we are all together I am the walrus. Wow, I added a link? I must be writing this for illogicopedia or something -- with ch would explain me keeping this and not just deleting it on the spot. I'm tired because I was up late last night. I had trouble getting to sleep.

Okay, but monkey fish banana tree.

Holy banana peels, that mustard is HOT! I wanna go out with that mustard. Ampersand. Which makes sense, because I'm looking at only my keyboard.

Hot fudge. Wow, am I hungry? No, more tired I think. AAH MY EYES

By the way the air has motion problems. Otherwise my hair would be on fire.

Which explains the ball. Okay, now i think this is an ampersand: @

which is weird, because & is an ampersand

also i have begun to ignore my shift keys and caps lock

Okay, now I"m not.

oops, i put a " where a ' would be normally

i am typing at top speed and i wonder whether this will turn out as a good article, but it's time for me to get off the computer.

(turns the brightness down) Is it just me, or is the meter moving in leaps? No, I guess it's actually doing that. Something is wrong with the computer.

I wonder whether I should go to Illogicopedia now, or just go to bed and look at it in the morning?

Or, should I read the Oxford Dictionary?

Dollar dollar dollar bill. That is my reaction to #. I'm strange. The word PERCENT SIGN! % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ooh it's a fraction, zero over zero %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% okay i'm done

now for the game where people guess the fact among banana peels: Little Bunny! Drrt drdrdr! I wonder what would happen if I kept typing until I just fell asleep on the keyyboarsoiprhm7///////////////////// ha ha fooled you! I didn't fall asleep yet!

But my asterisk in halp. HALP! now I think IRC. And CRI. And also, I wonder whether I should go on IRC now, even though I should really be going to bed.

I guess I'll go on a very brief IRC and then submit this and go to bed.

That works.



When will I stop typing!?!?!?

All done.


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