Johann Sebastian Bach

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“Een zee case ov my most recent seemphonee - Vait, i'll be Bach. I need to use ze Bachroom.”

Johann Sebastian Bach was a composer like Daft Punk who was European and totally sucked became a part of the three B's of classical music.

Zees is gonna be böreeng.


It has been proven through extensive scrutiny that Johann Sebastian Bach is a Model T2000 Terminator™! When he has been stuck on creating a Passion, he says, "I'LL BE BACH!" and storms off to what he calls his "Bachroom" and sits for hours, trying to synthesi(s/z)e harmonious maladies melodies whilst regretting he ever sampled the spicy exotic foods of Asia. Upon stepping out of his "Bachroom," his eyes - particularly his right eye - have a bright red glow to them, and his voice has a peculiar echo to it (No, it's not his acoustically perfect music hall!).


Bach composed every single soundtrack of every single Terminator movie except the God-awful Terminator: Salvation. He has even been cast as an extra T2000 in some movies as the first Terminator to be obliterated. He also has a song not meant for Terminating called Erschallet, ihr Lieder, erklinget, ihr Saiten!, which prob'b'ly means, "Sports Chalet, in Leather, early bet, in Satan!"