Jonny Greenwood

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“Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny WOOP Jonny WOOP Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny”

~ Your hands.

Ooh, he's quite aggressive and territorial. Yes, indeed; this one's optimistic. Just like the rest.

He edits faster than BlottoBot and Iamawesome combined. Look at him go!

Jonny Greenwood is the supreme ruler of Illogicopedia, not Roberto. Every single user here is a sock of Jonny (yes, even you, <insert name here>), and has created every single article here. Yup, all 10,939 articles, including every forum and template and signature and userpage and mindless sandalism and DYK's and even the Editor of IllogiNews and the main developer at IllogiGames and the real deity of Illogia.

His presence is divine. Bow down before him, you peasant.