King Flippy Nips

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King Flippy Nips (right) with Jerry (center) and Morty Smith.

King Flippy Nips was the last ruler of Pluto when it was demoted from planet status. He put all of his faith in Earth human Jerry Smith, a staunch opponent, one might even call him denier, of Pluto's status. He was well aware of the overmining plutonium crisis and it's links to shrinkage and Plutoquakes. Nevertheless, he seemed to have the powerful delusion that if he only believed hard enough (and maybe with a little mojo from the Earth man), the energy would flow and life would be in paradise.

Flippy Nips' son, Scroopy Noopers, was a scientist of not on Pluto, and he worked to open the eyes of his fellows to the impending doom. Noopers once kidnapped Morty at gunpoint and showed the machinery under the surface of the then-planet which was doing so much damage.

Rick was otherwise occupied with tearing down the world of his granddaughter Beth, who was working for the Devil. Rick also demoralized the Devil by removing curses from objects sold in the Devil's emporium, Needful Stuff. The Dark One recovered and created, which he promptly sold to Google for a hefty profit, and cutting Beth out altogether.

Rick developed a super fast acting steroid-like drug, he and Beth embarked on a course of extreme strength training. In short order, they broke into a stockholder's meeting and beat the tar out of the Devil, a painful and humiliating defeat.

Later they beat up a NAZI, a schoolyard bully and a schmuck being mean to his dog.