Knife Party

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Now dig this:

About 30 people getting drunk that find themselves in a knife and cutlery store. How you like dem sliced apples?

Supposedly a Knife Party is supposed to have seizure music (dubstep or drum 'n' bass), but really, as long as there are excessive amounts of blood and gore and eyeballs and pieces of skin an frogs, well, looks like you got yourself a helluva knife party. Hosts' names should be Rob and Gareth.


Knife Parties were first practiced when the world's biggest Pendulum snapped and fell to the ground. In a frantic frenzy of fear, people decided to find anything sharp around them and throw it in a random direction. Obviously there were many people were either dead or seriously dead or already dead (that pendulum weighed 20 tons!), but then again, it was good ol' America that had to come to the rescue.


Ca klink, ca pank, bitink batank, nothink notank!
Eeple eeple, eeple epple rhino!
Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese!
Epple ipple opple apple upple rhino!
Bees bees bees bees bees bees bees!

Oh glink, ohglink, oh glink ca-glink, ka-glink
Ka glank, ka klank, ka klank-klank weasel weasel!
Opple opple, ka king-opple, opple!
Ca dingle, ting, ta ting-ta ting ting!

Tink glink ka glank ka klink klink-kley klink!
Ferret ferret klink-ga-klink weasel!
Ferret klink, tink glink ka opple-klink!
Opple opple, ka klink ka klink, ka glink!

Here we are, ka klink ka klink klink ka-glink!
In a klink, klink, klink ka -klink knife store!
Klink ka klink ka klink ka klink ferret!
Bitty betty, ba-bitty bitty betty.

Knife-ife, ife-ife, ife-ife, ife-ife party!
Par-ar, ar-ar, ar-ar, ar-ar-ife!
Par-ar-ty, eeble, eeble sonk rhino!
Snarf snar-ka-snarf with a ka-knife!

Ka-eeble, ka-sonk, sjink-ka-sjink
Sjink sjink ka-sjink ka-sjink!
Snarf snarf sna-snarf ka-kight!
Here on the Knife Party floor tonight!

Blink ka-gink ka-gink kay kay ka-gink!
Bitty betty, batty batty betty.
Kni-knife kni-knife par-par-ar-ty!
Kni-fe par-par-par snarf-ty!

4 8 15 16, 15 16 23, 16, 23
23, 42, 16, 23, 42, eeble
OK maybe not, eeble ee-sonk
Ee-ble ee-ble sonk, stot, stot and p-p-pronk

Bon-bon-bon-bon-bon Bonfire!