Let's Cover up all the Sad Things with a Really Big Blanket

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Let's make a big blanket; we could make it white, or we could make it a soft turquoise, or perhaps tan.

Let's make the blanket really, really big...I mean really big.

After that. Let's take the really really really big blanket outside, travel the world, and cover up anything that makes us feel sad.

We'll start in our hometown. Every time we come across a homeless person, we'll shred off a peice of the blanket, and throw it over the homeless person. Hide them! Hide them from our sight! Then we'll find the sick and the old and cover them up too.

The broken-hearted. The ones who fall in love but lose it. The ones who don't fall in love at all. The ones whose only comfort is a bottle of pills, a syringe. We'll cover up them too.

Then we'll stretch a big section of blanket, big enough to cover a continent, over every battlefeild.

When we're done, anything that causes sadness will be hidden from sight. And the world will be happy!!! Life will be so much more cheerful. You'd only see the happy and well-off people. Everybody else--the poor, the lonely, the sick--would be covered up by our really big peices of blanket. Sad people all covered up, happy people happier.

It's like covering an unsightly stain on the tablecloth with your napkin. Right???? RIGHT????

Doesn't it make sense?

But what if we kept finding new things to cover up?

What if...everything? Everybody?

What if...the sky....

What if our work's already been done? What if...that giant blue thing above our heads...

What if it's warm?