Life's many questions

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Life's many questions are questions that mankind asks about life that may have no real answer or relevance to anything at all.

“If you spit into the lavatory while you pee, and the spit is all stringy and stretches really far before it lands into the water and some of the stringy spit bounces back to your mouth, does this make any pee go into your mouth?”

~ Darkgenome on urinating into lavatories

“Can a mother really make money from selling sunflower seeds?”

~ Darkgenome on mothers selling sunflower seeds

“Counting this one, there are only three questions on this page. Does that really constitute "many"?”

~ Testostereich

“Why in the hell am I editing Illogicopedia instead of doing something useful?”

“If I edit an Illogicopedia article and there are no users on Recent Changes to see it, does it really matter in the grand scheme of life, death and everything that will ever exist?”

~ Hindleyite on editing Illogico

“Pics or it didn't happen.”

~ Illogicopedian on the above