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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

Just an excerpt of it, though; I wouldn't want to bore you with the whole conversation (which also had the sudden appearance of Banzaikitten and Seppy's brief description of the UK on Novelniver 1, 2015 and our discussion of my educational future that may be in the good ol' UK and how people may discover Illogicopedia nowadays) now, would I?

[11:54] <Gozimnot> Geez I seriously need to do more of my research.
[11:56] <Gozimnot> So Oxford is off my table for now.
[11:56] <@Seppy> we don't generally major and minor, but the choice of courses are pretty flexible, you can do anything for extra credits that you want, but generally uni in england sets you on one specific track.
[11:56] <Gozimnot> Then epistemology it is.
[11:57] <Gozimnot> The study of knowledge and justification.
[11:57] <@Seppy> you'll still be able to study psychology as an extra, just it'll go on your course credits as a nameless unspecific that contributed towards the degree.
[11:58] <Gozimnot> Oh nice!
[11:59] <@Seppy> usually, they try to get you to do a language, but, talk to the admissions officers at universities you like the sound of.
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[11:59] == mode/#Illogicopedia [+v SG1|Hereish] by ChanServ
[11:59] <Gozimnot> I already know Spanish.
[11:59] <@Seppy> and they will probably say the same thing, that you're welcome to take part in a small preportion of extra courses.
[12:00] <@Seppy> si? hablo español, no muy bien.
[12:01] <Gozimnot> Mi Espanol es muy perfecto porque yo soy de El Salvador.
[12:02] <Gozimnot> El Salvador es un pais en la Centro America.
[12:02] <Gozimnot> Excuse the "la"
[12:03] <Gozimnot> I've never TYPED in Spanish before.
[12:03] <@Seppy> eres un canel de Español, pero ellos abren su boca y estoy perdido
[12:04] <@Seppy> also, I wasn't lying when I said my spanish was piss poor.
[12:04] <Gozimnot> "Canel?"
[12:05] <Gozimnot> You called me "un canel de Espanol" lol
[12:06] <Gozimnot> Canel? De que estas hablando, senora?
[12:06] <@Seppy> well, I may have misspelt Canal.
[12:06] <Gozimnot> Channel
[12:06] <@Seppy> para may have been more fitting, no idea.
[12:06] <@Seppy> ##Espanol
[12:08] <Gozimnot> Did you mean to say that you tried to watch a Spanish television channel, but got lost as soon as they started speaking?
[12:09] <@Seppy> no, no, there's a spanish speaking irc channel here on freenode.
[12:09] <Gozimnot> Ay Dios mio! Donde estas este canal?
[12:09] <@Seppy> which is called ##Espanol
[12:10] <@Seppy> if you type /join ##Espanol the irc client will connect you
[12:10] <Gozimnot> Cool.
[12:10] <@Seppy> anyway, i've got to have something to eat
[12:10] <@Seppy> bbl
[12:10] <Gozimnot> Boodgye, Seppy!

MAH 2ND CONVO!!![edit]

[15:50] <Gozimnot> KANZAIBITTEN
[15:51] <Gozimnot> hwhwhwhwhw
[15:51] <Gozimnot> I lurve teh 4chan
[15:51] <Gozimnot> nO 
[15:51] <@Seppy> baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.
[15:52] <Gozimnot> EW
[15:52] <Gozimnot> Gross
[15:52] <No_one_at_all> (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
[15:52] <Gozimnot> WTF
[15:52] <@Seppy> *cue epic synth*
[15:52] <Gozimnot> My neurons are experiencing genocide
[15:52] <@Seppy> you have to be a 90s kid to understand.
[15:53] <Gozimnot> Yeah I'm generation Z so
[15:53] <Gozimnot> *twerking pop star*
[15:53] <@Seppy> for the uninitiated:
[15:54] <No_one_at_all> Gozimnot: up yours, pipsqueak
[15:54] <Gozimnot> Up mine?
[15:54] <@Seppy> apparently
[15:54] <No_one_at_all> Up yours!
[15:54] <Gozimnot> Is it supposed to feel good?
[15:54] <@Seppy> No_one_at_all: your insults are dated dad, go home, you're drunk :P
[15:55] <Gozimnot> Am i the only adolescent here?
[15:55] <Gozimnot> OH WAIT DID I JUST
[15:55] <Gozimnot> *FOKK*
[15:55] <No_one_at_all> Seppy: i didn't say 'i fucked your mom'
[15:56] <Gozimnot> You mean "mum"
[15:56] <@Seppy> yo mumma so fat.
[15:56] <No_one_at_all> I mean "mom"
[15:56] <No_one_at_all> SPEAK AMERICAN, FURRENER
[15:56] <@Seppy> hehe
[15:56] <Gozimnot> yo momma so stupid, she tripped over a wireless network!!!
[15:57] <No_one_at_all> yo momma so fat, she fell in love
[15:57] <No_one_at_all> and BROKE it
[15:57] <@Seppy> whayoh
[15:58] <@Seppy> incidentally, I do remember having a 1gb hard drive and thinking a 10gb hard drive would be impossible to fill, much like your mum
[15:58] <Gozimnot> All the rest are from youtube so FAKCKC
[15:59] <@Seppy> for the younger generation, 1 gb hard drives are unimaginable, but yes, we did used to fit games on those.
[15:59] <Gozimnot> K DEN
[16:00] <Gozimnot> Dude and dudette I feel so stupid right now you cant even imagine
[16:00] <@Seppy> usually because the graphics were terrible and they came on a billion floppy disks, each of which totalled 1mb and took three years to install.
[16:01] <@Seppy> hey, you can probably tell us all about whatever the fuck circle bob is, that's so amazingly cool.
[16:01] <Gozimnot> I can only tell you what a circle jerk is, so sorry.
[16:01] <@Seppy> we had neo pets and pokemon, and they were awesome. Ignorance is all relative.
[16:02] <Gozimnot> ?
[16:02] <Gozimnot> Adults are so perplexing.
[16:03] <@Seppy> and then you'll get older, and the younger generation will be talking about something that's cool, and you'll realise it's all just circlebobs, forever.
[16:03] <Gozimnot> You just told me what a circle bob is through context.
[16:03] <@Seppy> if you're also cynical, you'll argue that's because it's how they sell shit you don't need to you, but that's just me.
[16:03] <Gozimnot> thx 
[16:04] <@Seppy> but, spongebob was cool, I could relate to Gary.
[16:04] <Gozimnot> What about Spongebobs neighbors
[16:05] <@Seppy> well, the usernames in recent changes make me feel like squidward.
[16:06] <Gozimnot> like mine and xy007 and imploding hive and yours and gruntled 
[16:09] <@Seppy> so, what do the kids listen to now?
[16:09] <Gozimnot> I listen to Radiohead, on the other hand
[16:10] <Gozimnot> Have you heard of Radiohead?
[16:11] <@Seppy> I'm British
[16:11] <Gozimnot> Then thats a yes.
[16:12] <@Seppy> Street Spirit is still my favourite.
[16:12] <Gozimnot> But yeah American pop is an abomination to my ears and intelligence. You like Street Spirit? Nice. I like Paranoid Android.
[16:13] <Gozimnot> Or "There There."
[16:13] <@Seppy> I've not heard anything after In Rainbows though, so I dunno.
[16:13] <Gozimnot> You probably won't like The King of Limbs that much.
[16:14] <Gozimnot> The first song, "Bloom," is crap.
[16:14] <Gozimnot> Although their reworked version of the song is epic.
[16:14] <@Seppy> I like everything
[16:14] <@Seppy> literally everything, as long as it has rythm, it works with the primordial part of my brain that wants a beat.
[16:14] <@Seppy> rhythm*
[16:15] <Gozimnot> Me too.
[16:15] <@Seppy> something like that, such a weird word.
[16:15] <Gozimnot> People always point out how i have "such an eclectic musical taste"
[16:16] <Gozimnot> They always say that i should become a musicologist, put I know that that would mean working for some internet radio station
[16:16] <Gozimnot> *but
[16:33] <@Seppy> oh my god


[16:45] <gOZIMNOT> Why am i even here
[16:45] <gOZIMNOT> Always at the mercy of teh ultimate lurker
[16:46] <gOZIMNOT> *Isarra appears*
[16:46] <@Isarra> No, I'm not here.
[16:46] <gOZIMNOT> How ironic.
[16:47] <@Isarra> You pinged me. What did you expect? >.>
[16:47] <gOZIMNOT> It seems i have forgotten how to type.
[16:47] <gOZIMNOT> So...Hi Isarra!
[16:47] <@Isarra> Don't worry. I never knew how in the first place.
[16:47] <@Isarra> And hi.
[16:47] <@Isarra> As I said, I am not here.
[16:47] <gOZIMNOT> I see.
[16:48] <@Isarra> I don't.
[16:48] <gOZIMNOT> It also seems I have forgotten how to access the internet.
[16:48] <gOZIMNOT> the humanity
[16:49] <@Isarra> What about the huge manatee/
[16:49] <@Isarra> ?
[16:49] <@Isarra> The huge manatee always gets left out.
[16:49] <gOZIMNOT> I totally forgot about the hue-manatee. 
[16:49] <gOZIMNOT> Wait...
[16:50] <gOZIMNOT> that means I will succcumb to his colorful wrath...
[16:51] <@Isarra> Hide your meats.
[16:51] <gOZIMNOT> Alongside the suspiciously shaped "meat incubators"
[16:51] <gOZIMNOT> ?
[16:51] <@Isarra> For instance.
[16:52]  * Seppy quietly covers crotch.
[16:52] <gOZIMNOT> :|
[16:54] <gOZIMNOT> "The Banality of Humo(u)r" by Bcbkye

A second conversation, with animals.[edit]

[18:35] <@Isarra> Yes.
[18:35] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Is it possible if you can demostrate how to do polls
[18:35] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> in illogicopedia
[18:36] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Wait lemme rephrase that
[18:36] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> christ i'm so stupid
[18:38] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Anyway im just wasting you time. I apologize
[18:38] <@Isarra> Um.
[18:38] <@Isarra> Okay.
[18:38] <@Isarra> Carry on, then?
[18:38] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I apologize
[18:39] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I'm just not all here today
[18:39] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> The EPA is in jeopardy, the Dakota Access Pipeline, China...
[18:39] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Meanwhile I have to analyse a few lyrics
[18:40] <@Isarra> I'm never all here.
[18:40] <@Isarra> I need a new head.
[18:40] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I need a new citizenship
[18:40] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I need a new nationality
[18:42] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I need a new laptop
[18:42] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I need new friends
[18:42] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I need a new Tool album
[18:43] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Well
[18:44] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> This is the most human contact I've ever made today on the Internet
[18:44] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Thank you Isarra.
[18:44] <@Isarra> I'm sorry.
[18:44] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> What for?
[18:44] <@Isarra> I'd recommend you find more, but more is often terrible. So I would recommend you find better, except I don't know how to find better.
[18:44] <@Isarra> I don't even know.
[18:45] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I see.
[18:45] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Sometimes I just wish for the most absurd things
[18:45] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Besides
[18:46] <@Isarra> Sometimes the absurd is exactly what you need.
[18:46] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> How's an angst-filled adolescent like me supposed to find fireflies in the night?
[18:46] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> How am I supposed to store all those four-leaf clovers I found in the end of the day?
[18:46] <@Isarra> Go somewhere that has fireflies.
[18:47] <@Isarra> Put them in the fridge.
[18:47] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> What about the dodo bird?
[18:47] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Taxidermy?
[18:48] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> ...
[18:48] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> There is a moon
[18:49] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> A moon that wants nothing more than appreciation
[18:49] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> There is a wall
[18:49] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Well, sometimes one wishes to be that wall.
[18:49] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> No blinking
[18:49] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> ctrl alt delete
[18:50] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> sigh
[18:51] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> plastic trees, all of them. the fake plastic earth.
[18:51] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> goodbye, sysadmin on the web
[18:51] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> your work on wikia is greatly appreciated.
[18:52] <@Isarra> I do nothing on wikia.
[18:52] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> you don't?
[18:52] <@Isarra> Nope.
[18:52] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> thought you did...
[18:52] <@Isarra> MediaWiki, man. And Wikimedia.
[18:52] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I need a lobotomy.
[18:52] <@Isarra> Sometimes I throw stuff at Wikia. Sometimes it's helpful. Sometimes it's pointless. Sometimes it's problematic. But there's little interaction anymore.
[18:52] <@Isarra> Do you?
[18:53] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Minor edits
[18:53] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I hate bad grammar
[18:53] <@Isarra> It's a fact of life, though.
[18:53] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Meh. I just love English too much
[18:54] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> It's scary
[18:54] <@Isarra> It's three languages stacked on top of each other wearing a trenchcoat.
[18:54] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> 3?
[18:55] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Sorry. You're talking to an ignorant American, so I need people to throw things at me to get my attention
[18:55] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> I apologize if it's an inconvenience
[18:56] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> there's definitely Latin and Greek thrown into that unholy mix
[18:57] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> Yiddish? Klingon, Fnurdle?
[18:59] <Gozzy_Gozbourne> The winds are blowing now.