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Dont make a u turn at seventy miles per hour while the light is red.png

This article definitely means something, but only the aliens know what.

Dont make a u turn at seventy miles per hour while the light is red.png

SRI LANKA, 1665 AD--

..lux sail yacht...reasonable price...yard sale...i've got a yard sale...heh heh...with my house in it...its on the lawn oh wait is there a house...oh...what...wait...heh heh, she said pee...that made me chuckle moistly...ohm...that's a book, yeah yeah, its got a credit card on top of it...ammmm carpet...ouch my shoudler...somebody dont fix that itbe like that a..?

THIS IS ONLY AN ASSUMPTION. Nor do I know, I am just as convinced as I once was that I always was...I dont...

...............this a long......and now, a papercut serenading like fruit....aaaaaahahahhahaahhahahhahahhhhhahhahhahahha, that wans't...learns to spell, you crepp,...oops windows media...oh NO LYNCHED


That reminds me of a ant I saw in the road I could have stepped on it but instead I poked it. It bit me, or kissed me painfully, then wandered off. It's a jingle out there...he'd been stamped with A....and then he thought, wit stupdi.


Lux y o that was ldiu

Meanwhile, in Luxembourg, Dr. Fitzgerald was beginning to piece the clues together.

"I am beginning to piece the clues together!" he said, pacing the room, "And that last line was unnecessary, as the narrative already explained the fact that I am piecing the clues together. Of course, as a character, I'm not supposed to know about the narrative. But that doesn't matter, because TEH is about to abandon this story."

We now return to Sri Lanka.

The line of comb bearers faced a pile of decomposing pinecones, from which a tree with a plate with a dead bird on it was sprouting. How symbolic. Can beetles climb trees? Can a television with an imnage of a beetle on it climb tree? Can throw tv, out window without screen? Can spleen?

....then who the hen.