Micro leet!! wOOt!!

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Internet and ghostly fore. Hello ARE you?

I seem to remember it taking more time to load. IT DID??

Yes and no. Because I use Windows Bista and therefore don't deserve to live. My office mates have better judes than me. The boss likes chocolate computers and the cat looks like Garry Glitter.

You think it's funny? DON'T YOU? It is not funny, a bit like butter. My mind was set on getting a large door.

The postman offers some sympathy. "It will run cold if you leave it on" he said. Man, like Serpeniver. Monday is about as useless as an atomic mouse.

Care for Teas?[edit | edit source]

I don't lay golf. Used to golf my dad. He liked seeing me hit passengers over the head with my novelty toast rack.