Ministry of Mustard

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"There is no love!" I shouted down the hole. "Nae" said my friend, ΩΦδ. "You are merely hallucinating for there is no such thing as the ministry of mustard" He said. He stood. Slumped to the floor. Dead. KOJ. I would do it. I would find them. I walked down the winding corridor. NO. I will not let me go. KAJ. KOJ. SANDWICH. "THIS IS MADNESS!" I yell. "MADNESS!". I screamed. An elevator. I walk. I sleep. I think. I AM REAL. I AM REAL. I found an elevator. But the inside was of a phonebox. I punch in the chocolate. I got put through to the secretary. "COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO BE TOO FAT TO MOVE" She bellowed. I said, in as polite a voice as I could manage that I was looking for the ministry of mustard. "YOU'RE THERE!" She screamed down the phone. I slumped to the floor just like ΩΦδ. I was in the elevator. It went up like a rocket and stopped at floor ^. I walked through and said "Is this the ministry of mustard?" ".......No, sir. This is the ministry of ketchup" said a man so fat he could not move. I screamed. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!". And then everything went black.

It was an ordinary day for Mr Smithsonker. He had a job. That job was at the ministry of ketchup watching movies on a 9-inch plasma TV. "How's work?" screamed Sarah his co-worker. "Fine, can't complain!" Mr Smithsonker bellowed back. He led a miserable life. Everyone knew that. Ever since he lost his friend ΩΦδ in a completely coincidental car accident. Nobody knew,though, what the ministry did. And it stayed that way.