Mish-Mash Alphabet Stew Song

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This is a record of the Great Flaggamaboogaboozala of 1882; all typographical error fairies begone! And may the Pen and Sword pub prosper perilously. It was a damn cold night in August of last eon, and millennium, ah screw it last Friday, and it was a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, and all the little Bumpyflumps shot back and then there was a great punk rock revolution. The Black Flag waved over Terrytown, and Jay-Jay the Jet Plane fought the rambling drunk in a great battle of yesterday evening Yuletide, in Massachusetts, it was. Hopping mad March hare casts the first stone, then come the Great Water, all a-floaty and pompous and all, and then all a a sudden Holden Caulfield shot a duck of gold, he did, and they went to sea in a sieve with all the insane men from Gotham; needless to say cannibalism shot the man in the moone, and Edward Gorey died last week at the age of 5 bazillion eons. The funeral will consist of monks. Humph. This is filler for the rest of the article and the cow tippers' red herring goes here and lorem ipsum, etc., etc., etc., blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah? No! That is the worst cause for charity that I've yet seen! Are you experienced or is this just Timothy Leary's fever dream. Eh? Oh! Canada go home and smoke a mystery pipe dreamachine elf from the North Polack squid squid squid squad. Quiz me now or I'm dead. The End of This Programming Block