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A mohruun is a d00d with no sense. He hath no brain, and is hence a dumb-arthhe. The world is full of Mohruuns. Why u eating with ur hands? Don't they have a knife and fork for dat, missy? Hey don't wave that knife at me! Oh, crap.

Dumb-arthheth! Idiotas! Mohruuns are everywhere! They're in the bus u travel in, the shop u shop in, the game you play in.

Mohruun, you r h4xx0r3d!!

U do not make socky and not get banned on zis wicky, mohruun.

Banned from our land. Never come here again, Mohruun!

Hahaha! Guy chose to be a comic book supervillain! Got pwnt in teh first issue! Fictitious mohruun! Lolz!

0 n0es! Ur a mohruun! Get awayz from me! N00000b!