NHK Eggs and CBC Bacon

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Stop line and hold it, pull trigger again it's just another aggressive pizza in the life of Jerry Neutrinfeldspar, I am a rock, an island, bonegasms all over the place, get out of the bone zone, sorry nothing. I am not sorry. This was no accident, Humpty Dumpty was pushed by woody automata off the wall and/or windowsill, who wants the hippity hoppity suicide wood bunny to push them off of a precipice next, any volunteers say Eye Eye Cap'n Ren, this is your last chance to chicken out of the psychic war, big dumb rocket of your mind lifting us to the faceship. Luma bee, Luma bop, welcome to the jungle, it's all fun and games with Rosalina until somebody loses a weiner, not shown is the campfire headphase where the hexagon sun comes to destroy Mario, obey Wario, shakedown 1979 when Shiggy gets his first Apple.