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Naruto... Isn't that the show with the guys whose hair changes color?


Um... The show with the animals in small little balls?

Not that either?

Okay, um... The one with that weird bald kid with the arrow on his head?


Jesus.... Wait! I've got it! It's the one with the four turtles!

That's not even an anime...

Damn... Is it that show with the guys whose hair changes color?

That was my first guess?

O M G... Is it that show with the funny looking pirates?


Well slap me in the face and call me Dumpindorfle... OH! I know! it's that show with those stupid looking ninjas who wear colorful disguises despite the fact they should wear dark clothing and always miss targets when throwing those stupid kunai despite the fact ninjas are well known for their accuracy when throwing objects.

You forgot about the furry blonde kid as the protagonist.

Wasn't the emo looking one the protagonist?


(It's got a fuckin good run tho)