Neverending Crybaby Cycle

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The Neverending Crybaby Cycle™ was first discovered and coined by André Breton. He found that when he said that his illegitimate son André Breton Jr. couldn't have something, he (André Jr.) started to cry. Here's how the Never Ending Crybaby Cycle™ happens:

  1. Father, Mother, Brother, or Sister says that the crybaby can't have something or the Brother and/or Sister insults them.
  2. The crybaby cries and yells.
  3. The involved family members yell back at them.
  4. The crybaby cries even more and yells even louder.

The only way to stop this is to ignore the crybaby and let him calm down naturally.

Alternate methods for stopping the Crybaby Cycle:

  1. Remove Crybabies' eyes. Once the bleeding stops, problem solved
  2. Place Crybaby underwater. You wont notice the crying that way, and if left for long enough they will drown.
  3. Beat until unconscious.