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Gin bunto soso *holds up spork* (bitcrushed screaming noise) THE SOUND OF A FISH SLAPPING WITH SLIGHT REVERB AND FLANGER tinny amen break unevenly increasing in tempo

Boodle Doohay (not a real person) is a Poopy Head[edit]

That's actually an honorable title among the quibbly scribblies! I like cheesy poofs and fish! :^|^: Carroting Muppet |^:^| mczinglr doopy

How Do I Drink Water?[edit]

With An Elephant!

he is speculated to increase the density by 0.4% each year. also, there is a slight chance of rain durring 2021 if we punch the alligator bowl (NOT A FURRY).[edit]

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a stupid b-tard site whose motto is "If in doubt, call them a fag"

A story[edit]

Elmer Fudd stole my neeblejeeb! My neeblejeeb! My neeblejeeb! Get it back for me and I will show you my spicy cabbage recipe! ☔️!