Nighttime is so much better. Waaay cooler!

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  1. People look better at night.
  2. Don't flatter yourself. So do you.
  3. The Moon comes out... And the stars!
  4. The weather's cool, and you don't get to see as many children.
  5. Things that might seem normal otherwise, turn spooky.
  6. There's a higher chance that something bad/exciting could happen.
  7. Werevolves. Vampires. Witches. It's their time to come out and play.
  8. There's a higher chance to hear the devil worshippers' chanting.
  9. You finally have time for yourself (if you couldn't find a way to avoid work during the day, you incompetent loser).
  10. Scary movies on TV, and after certain hours X-rated films as well...i will eat you