Non, monsieur, those are your underpants

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Sorry, but you must try some of my wonderful cheese soup. I bet you will like it.

Is this the cheese soup?[edit]

Non, monsieur, those are your underpants.

Okay, I am cooking ze cheese soup.

Does that explain why my genitals are getting all warmed up?[edit]

Non, monsieur. That is more likely because your underpants recently went through the wash.

Ze cheese soup is all ready for you. I will serve it now, if you would please sit down.

*nibbles on what he thinks is the cheese soup*[edit]

Monsieur, those are your underpants. Why will you not listen to me? The cheese soup is in the bowl, in front of you.

*points to pants* This the bowl?[edit]

Non, monsieur, those are your trousers. *gives bowl of cheese soup a light tap with finger* This is ze bowl. Now, you must use ze spoon *points to spoon* to eat ze soup.

Monsieur, why are you pouring hot soup into your underpants? Now ze cheese soup covers your genitals!

No, those are my underpants.[edit]