Norah Jones

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Norah Jones is a Brooklyn-born musician, who makes the type of music that cures certain medical conditions. To name a few; it is strongly recommended for curing the constipation problems. Her songs' strongest advantage is that they cure constipation in the most natural way so you don't have to use laxatives, but their biggest downside is that they cause a diarrhea that might go on for several days, causing body fluid problems.

Her music (and its equivalent) can be heard in the exceptionally cheap and sleazy lounge bars in Las Vegas, where one might choose to go if one had just lost all of his/her money, and sees suicide as his/her only option. This is where Norah Jones' voice steps in to postpone or to prevent the suicide from happening, and teach the listener there are things much worse than losing all of your money - having to listen to Norah Jones. So when the person leaves that sleazy bar, they learn how to appreciate their life (free of her music) more.