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Hello, Operator. Could you put me through to... oh, wait, what? This is Pizza Hut? Sorry d00d... I dialled the wrong number...

Second attempt[edit]

Hello, Operator... no, I would not like to buy car insurance... no, I'm not an Indian citizen, and I don't understand your accent. Please could you put me through to- what? Could you repeat that? What's jihad? I am not being racist... I just think you're overreacting... I don't care if you can sell me car insurance, I dialled the wrong number and- stop interrupting me! I'm just gonna hang up if you interrupt me again and... who the hell is Allah? No, I am not being... OK, just put the freaking phone down. Asshole.

Third attempt[edit]

Hello, Operator, I... YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT TO YOU?! NO!! YOU FREAK!! I'M HANGING UP ON YOU!! You should get some therapy.

Fourth attempt[edit]

Hello, Operator, I... oh, wait, this is MY number... heh, my voice sounds all echoed... wooooooo... cool.

Fifth attempt[edit]

Hello, Operator. Could I please speak to... who is that? Your voice is hilarious, sir. Ahahahahah! What accent is that? You sound hilarious! Seriously, where are you from? Your accent is so thick, it's hilarious man! Are you kidding? Is that your real voice?!

Sixth attempt[edit]

Hello, Operator, I need to speak to... ahahahhaha, you should have heard the guy I spoke to before, his voice was so funny...

Seventh attempt[edit]

Treasure maps, fallen trees, operator please. Call me back when it's time. Thank you!

Eighth attempt[edit]

Stolen friends and disease, operator, please! Just pass me back to my mind!