O not rly?

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Yes you dumb owl. Now get lost.

O not rly? is a counter-meme. That means that "O rly?" and "O not rly?" annihilate each other on collision.

Linus Torvalds was supposed to have developed it in retaliation for having lost an evening writing the phrase "O rly?" over and over.

Full sequence[edit]

The full exchange is

  • O not rly?
  • No not rly
  • Ya wai
  • No not srsly (or "no frvlsly")


  • I believe u
  • O thanks
  • Ur wrong jk
  • True that

See also[edit]

That's not an owl[edit]

That's a birrrrrrrd. Yes, you dumb berd. Now get lost.