Oh woah hey woah!

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Woah man[edit]

That's gnarly. If you keep trimming your nails so short, you're bound to start bleeding. I know what they say about nail trimming. That it's like... good hygiene and whatnot, but if I'm gonna be honest, it may be considered unhealthy to chronically bleed out of your fingertips which you appear to be doing right now. Yeah you're drawing blood. Ew. Is that painful? Mutilating yourself like that. It looks like you're doing it intentionally. You aren't even clipping your nails anymore. You're just clipping at skin. Can you hear me?


Where did your pupils go? Why are your eyes totally white? And since when do you not have any teeth? Are those your bloody teeth on the ground next to you? And furthermore why are they burning? Why is your skin turning black? Please reattach your jaw, no one wants to see that. No please don't stand up. Sit back down.

Put that down[edit]

Did those nail clippers turn into a mace? If so, why and what do you plan on doing with it? Oh shit-oh shit- oh shit-