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“I can't believe we're called "Orang-utans". We're orange, so why not "Orange-utans"?”

~ A complaining Orang-utan


The Orang-utan is similar to an Orang utan. But the "Orangutan" is a Wikipedian animal, and no animal here is similar to Wikipedian animals.


Orang-utans' habitats are all around Illogiland, which means they live all around Illogiland.


Orang-utans are orange and hairy.

Scientific Name[edit]

The scientific name for the Orang-utan is Complainicus Apeus.

Things often done by species[edit]

Complaining is like a tradition among Orang-utans. They always complain. Just look at the top of the page.

Pronunciation of naem[edit]

Orang-utan is pronounced Orayng dash utan.