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“Oxford is a possible target ”

~ Russian president deciding what to nuke

Oxford is probably the most stuck up place on earth. Most residents there have their head so far up their ass that they cant even pour themselves a cup of coffee without burning their erect underparts.

things to do in Oxford[edit | edit source]

  • ... If someone says you have a fish in your pocket, that's posh Oxford slang for "you are a ragamuffin, get out of my precious town!"
  • ... When you come across a church, resist the temptation to burn it to the ground. No matter how much the pixie on your right shoulder tells you to do so.
  • ... When in Rome do as the Romans do. So in Oxford, push your head so far into your crack it gets stuck up there. Twice if necessary.
  • ... In Oxford you must whisper the Scared Words while letting yourself be whipped with a whip made out of thorns. And acknowledge that the pranking master by the name of C.F.S is superior to you! Okie Dokie....?