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A pause is what happens when you don't expect anything to happen.

We Would Like To Pause This Article For A Brief Announcement[edit | edit source]

Gnu smoke.png

Hey there kids. Now I bet you're wondering what this is all about.

Let me explain!

You see, I am but a lonely gnu. And, quite frankly, **We would like to pause this announcement to return to the article**

Random Pause Generator[edit | edit source]

[4. LookingForGroup][Player]: looking for someone to take lots of damage and probably get killed to help us kill Stalvan…if you die we will lament about you in song.

“LFG for Sex, Lvl 18+ only” (Random Barrens chat)

Priest: “wtf? you have speed hack???????”
Warrior: “umm… eh? oh yeah, it’s called ‘Charge’”
Priest: “……”
Priest: “could you plx send it to me

[Player1]: “Are you doing maras tonight?”
[Player2]: “I dont know. if we get enough people”
[Player1]: “Jeff said he would i think”
[Player3]: “long story short i kissed Dan’s girlfriend last night”
[Player1]: “…”
[Player2]: “wtf..?”
[Player3]: “whoopsie…. ignore that please”

Idiosyncratic Pausing For Record Labels[edit | edit source]

Pauses have occurred for since yesterday on eve twilight. My speech garbled what oh happening help. Retreat pickles above moon.

Don't Touch That Button![edit | edit source]

Give it to Peter!


I'm watching you.

See Also[edit | edit source]

Yo I hijacked this see also yo. Yo yo. This is my see also.


A Last Word Concerning Pause[edit | edit source]

I love STV. All the animals are so nice. They just run out of the jungle as your passing by and greet ya. I just have a warm and fuzzy feeling every time I run through. No, wait, that warm and fuzzy feeling is the friggin tiger that jumped me.