Pent Up Magpies

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A Naked Man Sat Down At Our Table in the Restaurant.

"NAKED" I pointed at him, my fingers dripping in to the ice juice.

He took a bite off the end of my finger and crunched it matter-of-factly.

Every day we are all living comfortably under overturned canoes.

I noticed a dotted line going all the way down his body.

Suddenly he split in half and magpies flew out.

A Magpie is a type of bird. It is black and white. They had fingers instead of beaks.

What happens when the things you thought were your life aren't there any more but you are still alive?

"I had to let that out, sorry!" said half a lip, sitting on the floor.

"I'm sorry sir, I'll clean that up right away" said a waiter. He was wearing black and white clothes. He looked like a penguin.

He collected the shards of the naked man who exploded and put them in a bag.

"Cook" he whispered softly.

He had a beak.

I don't actually know if magpies are black and white