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"Shock anyone that causes a disturbance", Saul said to the guardbot... no, that's too Robocop.

"Shock anyone that causes a disturbance", Saul said to the vulpix... no, never mind.

"...disturbance", Saul requested of his security men, and knew that they would be quick to follow that particular order... this bit is boring, I will skub ahead.

"Look on", Saul proclaimed, "as our wonderful machine obsoletes all manual labour... ffs this oiofnsijgojdsfnkgksdpp

OK the plot was that this guy Saul's company had been working on this wonder device that can do everything that people could do physically for twenty years, and one of the unionists responds that he'd been training people to do the same thing for that long, and it turns out that all his effort had been a waste, since the device had been kept secret; then the security vulpixes electrocute everyone in the room.

It's an allegory of the arc of clouds through a winter sky.

Wash behind the mirrors[edit | edit source]

Angle grinders and pinking shears have really misleading names unless you're part of the trade.

Rubble discreet skyline[edit | edit source]

It kills people's memories, but leaves their bodies standing to wake up in cities which require language and hereditary knowledge to function. Left un-upkept for lack of concern or skill, they crumble into masonry puzzle gardens. Meanwhile these mute, instinctless skeletons' sole drive is to sift through the previous generation's debris in the hope of finding some clue or reason, some thought or dreamcatcher to prompt society's mechanical lapse.

The squares only turned over rocks until they had found enough flat ones to build coops.

You are nocturnus[edit | edit source]

Hey, you know what really made our night? There was one fool who lost so much money! Or maybe... Well, I saw him walk away with about half a grand but he had a look in his eye like he did his bollocks in there. Reckon it all went downhill from there though, he must've lost loads to win some I'm sure I saw him trying to chase his losses on the fruit machines. Ha! Loser.

Yeah, good night thanks. I came back with jack-shit but one of the boys did pretty well; but I thought I'd take the edge off him looking smug in case he thought about looking smug by loudly proclaiming his failings in earshot of the fine hostesses once they'd got out of their tv-ready suits with those delectable slits up the skirts and sat down next to us in their civvies. No-one's gonna get a piece of that, not least him, I should be first in line, and if not me, then no-one; no matter, I'm married. I bet he thinks they were giving him the eye; I think he went to school with one of them but he talks it down, so he probably means he stalked her but she's got no interest in him. I mean, he didn't make much but he's not got much to start with, I can only pity him. He always does better than us, I think he takes this whole thing too seriously; at least my nephew's just here for the laughs too.

Yeah, it was a great night, we had some much needed time together; you can't really underestimate the importance of spending time with people you hold close. Plus we got to laugh about all the people I hate and everyone else more unfortunate.

Great night.

Did I tell you? Some fucker shat on our office doorstep. Ha! I cleaned it up cos I'm nice; I'm sure the ladies at work wouldn't tell you about that, miserable bitches that they are.

You're right, we should do this again.

Damn penpushers at city hall![edit | edit source]

Ain't got no idea what the working man has to contend with day after day, while they're writing their stupid regulations and giving blowjobs to each other's cups of coffee...

It's the humble asskicking Nietzschean supermen that will inherit the earth and not these deskjockeys.

There are those that aim to understand things and those that aim to exploit them; the former group only attempts to ruin the world's magic out of personal bitterness...

In tentacle hentai the scientists who feed bluehaired cat-girls to alien plants that harvest their juices through rigorous vaginal agitation don't claim to know how their ancient relics work - they just lie back and become enriched by their fortune.

Why be a scientist when acid can still melt your flesh from your bones? Much better to become a superconservative who doesn't feel pain.

Why become a student of logic when you can thump anyone who accuses you of fallacy?

There are seams of nougat just waiting to be mined by gentle giants like us out there, and the greedy ones choose to hoard them for an abstract concept like mother nature's wellbeing.

If you give something a name, it also gains the associated ability to be summoned against its will, to become labelled further: if you take a picture of a person you are stealing their soul.

Chlorinicide[edit | edit source]

Anyone who truly learns a large truth about the world will become depressed and jaded - they will ruin it for everyone else in soundbite form, rape our throats until we're regurgitating words like irregardless and centrifugal. The stoic man needs to know no such things - wasn't it said that sufficiently advanced technology becomes indistinguishable from magic? Don't you want to be a magician? To catch the snitch in your mouth?

Go forth and break down walls and supports with your ample shoulders - just don't look up in case the roof is falling down.


I don't know how I ever managed to be happy.

Crabapple, rag grapple[edit | edit source]

In the region of lesions There is a legion of reasons.

In the basin with mice on There's a mason of bison.

When to the glitter you listen Then your litter will glisten.

When it's four in the morning Then you more will be fawning.

I[edit | edit source]

am an alternate lifestyle.

Most of all, I am a white chocolate lifestyle.

gule[edit | edit source]

64 square metres of wild we tamed nature did we so we each have our own packet of purity out back we can rule over as self appointed gods absent fathers in all ways except when soiling the soil with dishwater and spraying toxins to keep the bugs out, condemning the natural order as best we can into contests of whos the most aesthetically pleasing to some philistine who just likes bright colours but never goes to smell the scents of the plant kingdom in heat nor rejoice in the lusts it might bring but merely observes the scene contemplating how best to keep the neighbours branches on the Proper Side Of The Fence without losing access to the parking spot outside they never use

Implies[edit | edit source]

Does this mean that as we walk along we are pushing light, and that as a collective opaque solid we are making light faster and faster and causing the expansion of the universe?

And what if the earth suddenly tips and gravity takes a break and we all tip off the edge whilst watching city horizons?

And what if someone where you are sitting right now had made an osbcene gesture towards a star a few billion years ago, and the responding laser shot down from the star from an offended spaceman and now hits you where you are?

And what if we ol isud for sjai in the ksksknjk bjsda sakoaji[j ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and ideas ideas ideas ideas eccentric eccentric something or another why won't my fingers sto

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