Plastic cup of urine

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It was a day like no other, probably a very nice day, although we're not so sure of it. An Illogicopedian by the name of Chicken4War was out, riding a device that has two wheels and a handle as well. And then he would see something that would make his day, something that would motivate him and millions more people. At first he just passed by it, not knowing what to think of it. But then he realized.

That's a plastic cup with piss in it[edit | edit source]

The cup in question

Yes, my friends. It is a plastic cup that a homeless man has urinated in. Anyone with the brain of a jellyfish would disregard it, and some would even throw it out. Maybe a very malicious individual would knock it over and spill it on vehicles that were driving down under. But Chicken4War didn't do anything. He just passed by it, and proceeded to save it's life. Although someone with a malicious tendency or maybe an animal or a squirrel or the wind would knock it over.

Anyways, this inspired Chicken4War deeply. They couldn't stop thinking about the damn cup of piss. So instead of leaving it forever, they decided to come back to it. And they were shocked by what they saw!

The piss was still there[edit | edit source]

It was still there, a miracle! No "person" had come to knock it over with their hands, feet or ears! It was instead regarded as a piece of art. An art piece, if you will. The piss cup was being cherished as a master work of modern art. No one knew who made it. It could have been me, it could have been you, it could have even been Uncle Pete himself. No one may truly know who was brave enough to piss in a cup, and no one knows who had the bravery to put it on that bridge, all scared and alone, without the help of anyone.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

The plastic urine cup is the most misunderstood piece of modern art. If anyone with an IQ lower than 150 approached this cup, they would vaporize and die immediately. Only people who have the utmost understanding of the power of art can understand what the artist was trying to say here. The artist was saying to the world, that they would not bend to what society thought was a bathroom that should be used. Instead they made their own bathroom, and left it out in the open to assert their dominance over everyone. So next time you see a cup of piss, take a picture of it and write a story about it