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~ The Kaiser Chiefs on selling out

Pondy pondy pondy. TV Star. TV Show. TV Show named after a TV Star. TV Star starring in a TV Show named after himself. Yes, Pondy pondy pondy is a living legend in the entertainment industry. Except that he's dead. Poor soul.

Life and Times[edit | edit source]

Life[edit | edit source]

Pondy Pondy Pondy was born Pondius Ponderson Pontiac in 1973 to a middle-American couple with absolutely no taste in baby names. He was constantly thrown in trashcans, tarred and feathered, and lynched by his classmates. As a young boy he grew close to his best friend and likewisely terribly named Titshugger Penishead McFucknutter, a move which would pay off for him later in life. Pondy Pondy Pondy was able to work his way up from being a simple banana packager (how else do you think it gets into the peels, anyway? Like, it's like that in nature, or something? Ha ha! Naive fool!) to being a media tycoon in a mere year, thanks to the political influence and bribery of Titshugger.

He would go on to produce his own TV show, named after himself. It was unsuccessful and ruined his whole career. He died in a tragic boating accident yesterday and is survived by his dog and illegitimate son Burt. you ought to go to his funeral or donate some money to his border collie, or something.

Times[edit | edit source]

16:37 (EST)
21:39 (GMT)

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