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Vote yes on proposition 69, and get backstreet grannybortionists off our streets for good.

Pro-Age is an activists group campaigning for the right of all women at and above retiring age to legally have an abortion. It grew out of the pro-choice organisation when one of the members brought her mum along to practice. Inspired by their message she quickly set up the Pro-Age society, initially holding talks in retirement homes until popularity permitted the use of bingo halls. Since it's creation the group has been met with fierce opposition, mostly by biologists. These so called "Men of Science" still cling to the lie that women over 65 couldn't have the kids to need an abortion in the first place. Desperate moves from a beliguered and morally corrupt opposition. The pro-age movement is similar to the "pro-infancy" movement, which strongly supports "The right of infants to have abortions, regardless of their inability to get pregnant." There is also a pro-fetus movement stating that fetuses have the right to have abortions of their own, which could potentially get confusing.

Look, women over 65 physically can't have children. It's science. No I'm not a fundamentalist! Look it up in a text book, it's all th- who said burn me?

—Human Biologist, (shortly before his martyrdom)

Support and Supposition (for the hip)[edit | edit source]

The Pro-Age group has been met with widespread support from both the left and the right. The consensus being that if a granny does somehow overcome evident logic barriers and get knocked up, an abortion would be by far the best move. Not only would it save what's left of their crumbling pelvis, but it would allow family members to contain the situation before it became noticeable and irreversibly embarrassing for all concerned. If the controversial law is passed the final hurdle to OAP reproductive freedom will have been gained, after the recent introduction of the Semi-Socially Acceptance Law for Wrinklies Who Want to, You Know... amendment. Set to go before congress in September 2010, the passing of this law would be the defining moment in history for nones of thousands of people.