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PURE Vet![edit | edit source]

Old VEt is a non-pure and gross, New and PURE Vet! is a good, new, PURE Vet!

New and PURE![edit | edit source]

New and PUrE is a good, becaus with bieng pure, And NEW!, it bieng healthy and good for bieng Vet! Koop de shwoop and finally has became good. PURE! and New vet is a better vet for you becasue PURENESS and good Newness!! Howard is the first name that comes to mind.

TOES! and You[edit | edit source]

Obviously. I mean, NEW! and good and pure vet is a good referall for criminal injustices and toe building!!

...Told you, didn't I??

gepo[edit | edit source]

It is f becaes it makes sinse and that is good and righty and yes, please help plea- AND New and PURE! Vet is a good [[Vet] and it is PURE! and CLEAN AND GOOD AND P-

haer[edit | edit source]

Please an- AND PURE! AND PURE!!