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<nowiki> <benbladez> Template:NAME REMOVED
<benbladez> Template:NAME REMOVED!
<benbladez> SilentPenguin:I know you and ryan's real names
<SilentPenguin> meh
<benbladez> ryan is called Template:Facebook username...i think
<SilentPenguin> i wouldnt go blearing it around like that, because its irresponcable and will get you banned
<benbladez> How cud i get baned if i don't edit?
<SomeWHATno2> from the channel
<benbladez> Plus, wats the point in me doing so?
<SilentPenguin> precicely
<benbladez> Hah-I just posted a link to a porn site on the linux irc channel
<benbladez> the irony
<SomeWHATno2> benbladez: Okay, now I know your first name, and if that's Seppy's name I know his first and last...
<SomeWHATno2> ... but you don't know my name and I'm not going to reveal it anytime soon.
<benbladez> I'l find out
<benbladez> don't you worry
<SomeWHATno2> by what means exactly?
<benbladez> Damn
<benbladez> By guessing
<SomeWHATno2> Also, I can pinpoint your hometown on a map.
<SilentPenguin> assuming i am who you think i am, i could be someone entirely different, or i could have a different name for the purposes of the internet
<benbladez> True
<benbladez> But ryan's definatley Template:Facebook username
<SomeWHATno2> are you sure he's not ryan?
<SilentPenguin> you need to see past what you are seeing, keep things to yourself and not take things you read for granted
<SilentPenguin> ryan seems like the obvous choice
<SomeWHATno2> benbladez: Unless you are lying about all of this stuff.
<benbladez> I'm not
<benbladez> ryan added me on facebook
<benbladez> My picture is on the internet
<benbladez> But Pedo's can't track me down
<SilentPenguin> you need to learn benbladez revealing data like that is dangerous, which is why nobody does it
<SomeWHATno2> Well, good for you, now people can figure out your first name, hometown, age, and what you look like.
<SomeWHATno2> benbladez: Why not?
<SilentPenguin> fraud, murderers
<benbladez> but why me?
<SilentPenguin> oh, benbladez google my "name"
<benbladez> [Link to a news article about an escaped pedo by the name of Template:NAME REMOVED] fuckin pedo
<benbladez> You're a pedo!
<SilentPenguin> now, is that chance? choice?
<benbladez> Shit you
<benbladez> I'll stay away from you in future
<SomeWHATno2> SilentPenguin: oh is that why you were asking about my age that time?
<SilentPenguin> SomeWHATno2: you knew mine
<SomeWHATno2> orly?
<SomeWHATno2> would it be Template:Age of aforesaid pedo in link?
<SilentPenguin> maybe, maybe not
<benbladez> Scum
<SilentPenguin> now you need to decide if, a, thats sheer chance that a pedo has the same name as me, if i chose the name to do things like this to people or if i am in fact the pedo himself
<SomeWHATno2> Or maybe Ben is lying about your name...
<SomeWHATno2> ... which I don't know.
<SilentPenguin> maybe
<benbladez> i'm not
<SilentPenguin> maybe you just dont think you are
<SomeWHATno2> And maybe Ben is lying about his own name...
<SomeWHATno2> ...and maybe he's the pedo here.
<benbladez> ...
<benbladez> As if it's sheer chance
<SilentPenguin> sounds probable
*** benbladez [i=5226ac50@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-fa40c466c50accf0] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
<SilentPenguin> AHAHAHAHA
<SilentPenguin> that was totally worth it
<SilentPenguin> that boy needs to think
<SomeWHATno2> WHOO